The Bold Italic >> Steep Thoughts

This was one of the first stories on Taste when it opened up in Hayes Valley, I love the way Elia Varela Serra writes of the overall experience there...

"I settle into a large, cushioned area by the window and notice Taste’s attention to detail in their décor. The interior design (by Ed Ng and Andrea Faucett) is minimalistic and modern and still manages to incorporate a warm sense of tradition."

The New Yorker >> Bay Watched

Interesting article in the New Yorker on the 'tech-bohemian working style of San Francisco' with a mini shout out to Taste Tea House, love those cushioned nooks!

"Kirchhoff met me at Taste Tea, a gong fu-style teahouse in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley. (He is there so often that, when he walks in, the credit-card app Square registers his iPhone’s presence and logs into his account.)...sat cross-legged on some cushions on the seat of a bay window."